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  • One Person Emergency Backpack Survival Kit - $135.00







Quantity (1) One
Waterproof Backpack


Quantity (1) One Pkg. Mayday or Similar
3600 Calorie Emergency Food Rations:
5 year shelf life. Contains 18 bars per pkg. which is sufficient to sustain one person for 3 days. Nut free product - Apple cinnamon taste. Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard as well as the Canadian Transport Department.



Quantity (12) Twelve Mayday or Datrex 125 ml Emergency Drinking Water Rations: 5 year shelf life. Recommended consumption is 4 bags per person per day. Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard as well as the Canadian Transport Department.



Quantity (10) Ten Water Purification Tablets: 10 tablets can purify 10 liters of pre-treated water into safe drinking water. They are fast acting and iodine free.
They will not colour the water and have no unpleasant taste.




Quantity (1) One Emergency Rescue Blanket: This disposable rescue blanket keeps in body heat and preserves body temperature which is a survival necessity.


Quantity (1) One Hooded Rain Poncho: Our hooded rain poncho is "one size fits all" and is compact and lightweight. It offers excellent wet weather protection.


Quantity (1) One Space Saver Storage Bag: Disasters can happen in the middle
of the night and your clothing may not be accessible or wearable. Vacuum seal sweaters, pants, etc. Gain up to 300% more space. Airtight & watertight storage.


Quantity (1) One Emergency Shelter/Tent:
Provides shelter for two people. Quick, easy setup. Can also be a ground sheet or multi-purpose tarp. Lightweight & compact (fits in our backpack). Open size: 8 feet / 2.4 m long. Similar to picture.

Quantity (1) One Roll of Duct Tape:
Useful for many unexpected applications and quick solutions to immediate problems.




Quantity (1) One Hand Crank Light, Radio and Siren: No batteries required. Powered by a hand cranking mechanism. Reliable, compact, lightweight design that features a light, radio and a siren to signal for help. Ready when you need it.


Quantity (1) One USB Car Socket Charger: Connect your digital device to this charger and plug it into "any" vehicle's 12v socket (cigarette lighter). This charger has a universal USB slot enabling it to charge various communication devices.


Quantity (1) One 50 Hour Survival Candle: This candle can be used as a light source and a heat source in emergency situations. It has a minimum burn time of 50 hours and comes packaged in a heat resistant plastic carrier.


Quantity (40) Waterproof Matches: There are 40 waterproof matches per box.
The waterproof matches may be a different brand from those shown here.



Quantity (1) One First Aid Kit Plus: This first aid kit contains (4) Alcohol Swabs,
(2) Gauze Pads, (11) Assorted Bandages, (1) Conforming Bandage, (1) Adhesive
Strip, plus this kit comes with (30) Extra Bandages 3/4" x 3" (19 mm x 76 mm) and
(1) Sterile Rolled Gauze for hard to bandage areas, ideal for securing a dressing;
3" wide (7.6 cm) x 2.5 yds unstretched (2.29 m) or 4.5 yds stretched (4.1 m)




Quantity (1) One Tissue Pack: A compact and convenient travel size tissue pack
is included.



Quantity (1) One Safety Whistle: Enables you to signal for help in any emergency or disaster situation.



Quantity (1) One Emergency Filter Face Mask: Protects against the inhalation of airborne particles, fluids or contaminants. Earloop face mask with easy breathability. One size fits all.


Quantity (1) One Pair of Vinyl Gloves: These vinyl gloves are latex free and
powder free.


Quantity (1) One Pair of Heavy Duty Work Gloves: Used for construction or yard related work and useful for removing debris or damaged building materials.


Quantity (1) One Multi-Function Knife Features (11) Stainless Steel Tools with
(14) Functions:
Including a large knife, ice pick, scissors, nail file/nail pick,
bottle opener/flat head screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, can opener,
cork screw, utility saw, fish scaler/fish hook remover and threading tool.


Quantity (1) One Package Containing 50 Feet of Polypropylene Utility Rope:
Useful for many unexpected purposes in a disaster or survival situation.



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