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                                               GOLDEYE GLOBAL LEATHER WALLETS

GOLDEYE GLOBAL LEATHER WALLETS are exclusive to us and are designed for todays worldwide currency.

We are the original inventors / designers of our patent pending wallets! (Click on top images to enlarge)

GOLDEYE GLOBAL LEATHER WALLETS hold most international currencies as well as credit cards and I.D.
plus our patent pending "Easy-View" design keeps coins flat.

                                                                   TOP SELLING FEATURES:

  • Best new International mens wallet! Can be used in multiple countries!
  • No other wallet keeps everything flat and has this many useful functions!
  • Your front pant pockets won't bulge with too many coins anymore!
  • Flexible and compact - Closed size: only 3 5/8 inches x 4 3/4 inches!
  • Made of high quality genuine leather and designed to last!
  • Coins lay perfectly flat inside individual coin pockets we call "Gold Eyes"!
  • Outer "Gold Eye" coin holes let you instantly see what you have without even opening your wallet!
  • Works for Canadian 1 dollar and 2 dollar coins, American quarters, Euro 1 and Euro 2 coins, Euro 50 cent and Euro 20 cent coins, etc. Check your Country's coin dimensions to see if they match these. 
  • Holds six coins on the front and six coins on the back! (Available in 6 coin or 12 coin wallet styles).
  • Concealed velcro provides easy access and a completely secure perimeter!
  • Just peel down the front or back of the wallet and take out what you need!
  • The open center section holds lots of paper currency and larger bills!
  • The inside right hand side has credit card slots for lots of credit cards!
  • The inside left hand side has a change compartment or room for credit cards! 
  • There are 2 slide in compartments on either side for I.D. or drivers license, etc.!

                                                       GOLDEYE GLOBAL LEATHER WALLETS ARE WORLD CLASS:

Check your Country's coin dimensions to see if they are a similar size to the above named coins by going to the air-tites website. They have a "coin size chart" that provides worldwide coin dimensions!


I got the wallet!! How come nobody thought of this before now?                 Makes it easy to find my loonies and toonies. No more fumbling                 around! Thanks, Paul N. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Bought one for my husband and he gets compliments every day!                      He didn't expect that! Anyway, he thinks it's great. Now my son                      wants one too! Thanks again, Julia K. Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Worth the money! Keeps my quarters flat and where I want them.                    Now there's less change in my pocket and more in my wallet.                          It holds everything. Thanks! Tyler B. Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.                                                


Two minutes after I got your wallet I knew it was exactly what I needed.    What a brilliant idea! A well thought out design that's long overdue!                A pleasure to do business with. Robert S. London, Ontario


Really like it a lot! Got rid of my buldging pant pockets,                                 thanks to your wallet. It does keep everything perfectly flat!                          Quick delivery - great wallet! Ron J. Toronto, Ontario, Canada


This is the wallet everyone should have! People ask me every second day where I got it from? Will also come in handy when we visit other Countries   and Canada. Cheers, Brad W. Manchester, England


new colour choices subject to availability:

Black leather with a tan leather outer trim.

Black leather with a grey leather outer trim.

Black leather with a dark green leather outer trim.

Black leather with a burgundy leather outer trim.

                                     Click on image to enlarge. 




Suggested List Price: $67.95 Each 

Online Special: $57.95 Each
Buy two or more: $52.95 Each


Suggested List Price: $62.95 Each 

Online Special: $52.95 Each
Buy two or more: $47.95 Each

                                     Click on image to enlarge.



                                                                        SHIPPING INFORMATION

  • Shipping costs to Canada are $7.95 per wallet.
  • Shipping costs to the U.S.A. are $9.95 per wallet.
  • Shipping costs to anywhere else are $12.95 per wallet.



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