Take a look at your basement (or other rooms in your home) and ask yourself if it's being used to its best potential. Is it just a storage area for your old furniture and boxes of stuff you never use or maybe you're using it as a place to store seasonal items and things you don't know what to do with? How about creating an area in your basement with a tropical theme complete with a tiki bar where you can entertain family and friends in your very own tropical retreat. It's easier than you think to get the look you want. With a little imagination and the right accessories your boring basement can look amazing!

You don't have to settle for a basement no-one uses because it would cost too much to renovate. It can be done for a lot less than you would imagine if you get creative. You want your tropical oasis to be a fun and relaxing space you look forward to spending time in not a five star hotel lobby. Take your time and add lots of higher quality tropical accessories to bring new life into an old space.

Start by creating free standing movable partition walls to section off an area of your basement for storage if you need somewhere to put your upstairs overflow of items you can't part with. Everything will be out of sight and out of mind plus you can easily reconfigure the size of this area in the future. Cover walls and these moveable partitions with a grass cloth wall covering and use bamboo poles to outline the partitions to give them a beachy theme. Add vintage Hawaiiana hand carved wooden signs and Polynesian Oceanic art to your basement walls to inspire the Aloha spirit.

A tiki bar can be the focus of your basement and the gathering place for future parties and family gatherings. You can give it the look of a tiki hut by incorporating bamboo poles, grass cloth wall covering and thatched roofing. Display lots of glasses and bar ware that have a tiki theme. If your basement ceiling height permits add palm inspired ceiling fans for an added tropical appeal. Include wicker furniture with tropical accent throw pillows that feature swaying palms, coral sealife, orchids or a nautical theme.

If you really want to have an impressive tropical retreat add some 20 inch high hand carved premium tiki totems made from monkey pod wood to your basement oasis. Now include traditional Hawaii Museum Replica statues made from Acacia Koa wood as well as some sealife carvings of turtles or octopus. Don't forget the smaller details like palm tree, sealife or beach themed switchplates. Remove anything that might take away from your tropical theme.

With a little thought and some great suggestions you can have the perfect place to escape to after a long day at work. Turn on some Hawaiian music, pour yourself a mai tai and relax in your own piece of paradise. After all is said and done there are no planes to catch, expensive hotel bills to pay or crowds to fight. Your tropical retreat is downstairs!

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